Destination Isla Mujeres

Cameron proposed to Michelle on the southern point of Isla Mujeres, so it was the perfect setting for their destination wedding. They found me online while searching for photographers, and after looking through a few past destination weddings, they reached out! Fast forward a year, and I’m on a small boat with the couple, an hour off the coast of Isla Mujeres, about to jump into the ocean with a bunch of whale sharks (remind me to tell you about that time I “tested” an underwater housing just for this, but it wasn’t properly sealed).

I could tell you more about that incredible dive, or how at the end of their reception, accompanied by a Mexican heavy metal cover band, Michelle sang louder than Axl Rose, totally surprising Cameron. Or how they partied all night long hoping to catch a sunrise at the very spot Cameron proposed, only to get thunderstruck with rain and wind. There are lots of fun stories to tell coming from their wedding that I thought about sharing here, but Michelle wrote me a really nice email having this to say:

"I am completely blown away yet totally unsurprised at how amazing your work is. You captured the week so beautifully and accurately. The photos are beyond stunning! I’m just so impressed with the breadth of your skills and mastery of your craft. It goes beyond the concrete things you can teach someone – you just seem to have an innate ability to capture the microexpressions and the emotions that are the essence of being alive. It’s fucking poetic and magical all at once. You are a true artist. You even remembered the lyrics to our first dance! Man, thank you for picking up on all the little details. Thank you for being so present in all the moments!” 

Their Isla Mujeres destination wedding happened right in the middle of my summer, peak of my wedding season and on my own 15 year anniversary. It was a crazy fun few days, and I’m so thankful it all worked out! Thanks Michelle + Cameron!

Photography by Jeff Cooke