Love by Chocolate, Tareq + Mila

Photography by Jeff Cooke

Love by Chocolate! After a remarkable journey spanning a decade across Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt, their destinies converged as they exchanged vows in a place of profound significance, Pier 21 - The Museum of Immigration, embodying their transformative journey as new Canadians.

Theirs was a day of unparalleled enchantment, a tapestry woven with emotions that stirred hearts and ignited uncontainable joy. Surrounded by loved ones, Tareq and Mila's union was celebrated with an abundance of love, creating an everlasting memory. It was a day that took their breath away, a wedding celebration brimming with beauty, exuberance, and infectious happiness. Their profound togetherness evoked the sublime.

In admiration and heartfelt congratulations, we extend our warm wishes to Tareq Hadhad and Mila Zidan, two extraordinary souls radiating beauty and kindness. May the Peace By Chocolate business continue to flourish, marking the path to their enduring success!

Thanks to [EDIT]ION for featuring our work!
Photography by Jeff Cooke w/ Emma Perry
Event planning by Katelyn of Elegant Productions

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