Allison + Sylvain’s Surprise Elopement

My little sister got married and totally catfished me! Posing as another couple, Allison + Sylvain “hired me” to capture their surprise elopement on Prince Edward Island, only to reveal a new puppy and the truth moments after I arrived. Here’s part of the email that I originally received from her:

“Jeff – My name is Ryan, a friend of Allisons’. This summer, my girlfriend and I have decided to elope. This is a secret elopement, with no one present but us. It is my fiances dream to have a photographer come with her so she can ensure beautiful photos to show the family after the wedding. It is her dream to also have YOU. While Allison said your associates were amazing, it is you that she wants – and you that Allison would like to see! We have so many reasons eloping works for us, but it is important to have someone to capture it all. But, because my fiancé is giving up those childhood big wedding dreams for me, I want to be able to make sure her day is perfect, even if just the two of us. This will be a surprise to my fiancé! … sincerely, Ryan (and secretly Ashley)” 

I totally bought it and with little question, headed off to PEI to capture “Ryan and Ashley’s” surprise elopement. Obviously Allison and I share many wonderful memories throughout the years, but I have to say that this one definitely takes the cake!

After the shock wore off, they loaded up their Boston Whaler (with dogs and siblings in tow), and headed to a little island to say their vows and ended the day with an epic sunset over their magical property near Cavendish, Prince Edward Island.

Honestly, I would have preferred staying in the moment and not behind a camera, and for the most part that’s what I did. But I managed to sneak in a few frames and so honoured to have been there to witness (and document) their incredibly special day! Well played sis, well played!

Photography by Jeff Cooke