Baby’s First Snow

I travelled to Kentville, Nova Scotia, and had the honour of photographing baby's first snow!

It was the first major snow fall of the year. We debated going to a nearby park for photos, but ultimately decided to stay at their house. I always ask my couples if there's a location that means something to them. I want the photos to hold sentimental value for so many reasons, including having a memorable location. Whether that's your favourite park that you visit every Saturday, driving out of town to the spot you met and now get to take your kids to, or shooting in your backyard ... I love that it's meaningful to you! I love creating photos no matter where I am.

And while most people don't think their home is "photo worthy", it certainly doesn't have to tick any boxes to be great for a shoot. It's your home and that makes it an amazing spot! Some of my absolutely favourite photos of my family and I are in our backyard or around the house. Maybe you'll have that home forever, maybe you'll move ten more times. But you'll always be able to look back on the decor and house, and be transported back to that time in your life. I can't recommend it enough.

The shoot was not planned around capturing Basil seeing snow for the first time. It was a coincidence. But what a great coincidence it was! Pure joy. I'm so thankful I was there for it.

We took some warm and cozy photos inside, then headed out for some fun in the snow. Basil loved it!

Photography by Jenn Nauss