Dreams Riviera Cancun Wedding

Photography by Jeff Cooke

Kellie and Joe are a couple who just exude love for their family, friends and life. They compliment each other in a way so wonderful that it’s hard to put into words. They chose to have their destination wedding at the Dreams Resort in Cancun, Mexico, and their main priorities were that everyone have the absolute best time possible, and that they all kick back and relax (with tropical drinks in hand, of course.) Their wedding day was filled with pure joy for each other, a lot of happy tears, shirtless firefighters and a very late night dip in the hot tub that kept most of the resort awake. From the moment we met everyone on the flight, we were welcomed with open arms and now have an entire new group of friends back home in Halifax. Thanks Kellie and Joe for the cliff jumps, boat jumps, hot tub jumps, iceberg hangovers and an overall incredible week!

Photography by Jeff Cooke w/ Jenn Nauss

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