Keltic Lodge Wedding

Sarah and Shaun’s wedding was at the stunning Keltic Lodge, in beautiful Highlands of Ingonish Beach, Cape Breton … one of our favourite venues in Nova Scotia. They’ve been close friends of ours for years, which made photographing their wedding an extra special treat for us.

Ingonish Beach is where Sarah and her family spent all of their summers growing up. Not only is it her favourite spot in the world, but it’s grown to become equally as special to Shaun. The day started with sunrise yoga on the beach led by their good friend Joe (of the Kellie + Joe!). Yoga is a big part of Sarah + Shaun’s lives (Sarah’s a certified instructor herself and gave one of the best classes we’ve ever been to.) They certainly practice what they preach in yoga, which is being calm focused, and mindful of how you’re living each moment. Be intentional. Take the best out of life. Value each other. Don’t sweat the small stuff. During their speech, they asked everyone to pause, take a look at the person next to them, and really soak in that exact moment … and love filled the room!

Sarah wrote this shortly after their wedding – “Our hearts are full. Everyone tells you that the day will fly by, and to be in the moment. Everyone informs you that it will be magical. But no one warns you about the obscene amount of love and the immense amount of pride you will experience when you are surrounded by your tribe in a place that exudes Love. Pure magic.”. Congrats to the newlyweds, and we can’t wait to share + celebrate many more memories with you!

Wedding photography by Jeff Cooke with Jenn Nauss.