Tuscany Destination Wedding

“How did they find you?” That’s a question I often get when I’m asked my destination + travel work. The truth is, there’s no secret or any one answer to it. Sometimes it’s through a google search for “awesome destination wedding photographers”. Sometimes it’s through social media like Pinterest or Instagram. Sometimes it’s through word of mouth or a wonderful referral. And sometimes, it’s just pure luck.

I met Cassia in Hawaii where I was speaking at at a photography conference. She was working for the company that I use for our online galleries (Shootproof). During the conference, I was filmed shooting a couple at sunrise for an ad, and Cassia happened to be the videographer. After an interview, there were high fives and jokes about her wedding and how she better call me if / when it happened.

Two years later, I was on a plane headed to Italy.

They were married at a dreamlike setting at the beautiful farmhouse. La Forra, is situated on a hilltop of the Arno Valley in Tuscany Italy, far, far away from most tourism … and it was absolutely perfect. Words can’t express my gratitude or experience. You check out their slideshow below and then scroll down to view a few more highlights from their beautiful destination wedding.

Destination wedding photography by Jeff Cooke.