Vancouver Island Wedding

It all started a few years back at Erin and Shannon’s wedding. Throughout their day, we connected with everyone, becoming particularly close with Kelly (Erin’s sister and maid of honuor), along with her then boyfriend Adam. Each time the conversations grew longer and longer, and we of course joked how they had better call us if they ever get married … something that I’m sure every wedding photographer has probably done at least once in their career. And low and behold, a week later, Adam proposed. We ended up being the first ones they called to book as soon as they started planning their wedding, chasing sunsets in Mexico with them a year later.

It was at Kelly and Adam’s wedding when we first met Matt, one of Adam’s best friends, who I quickly discovered was also a huge Star Wars fan. We also met Magda, his then girlfriend, and the conversations grew, as did the late night beer pong match ups. Once again, we joked how they better call us if they ever get married, and sure enough, we once again were one of the first ones called after news of their engagement broke the social media scene.

Magda + Matt’s wedding was set at the amazing Black Rock Resort, located in Ucluelet on the far west coast of Vancouver Island. To quote one of their guests, it’s exactly like a resort in Hawaii, except surrounded by evergreens, colder water, and a little farther north. We experienced it all – deep sea fishing (where half of us fell ill to the massive swells), bonfires on the beach, the delicious fish tacos from Tacofino, jumping into the frigid Pacific, hiking along the coastal black rocks, exploring their incredible beaches, wandering through 800 year old forests and catching a few spectacular sunsets. It was truly everything we could have asked for while shooting our very first west coast wedding, and I definitely hope to get back again someday soon.

It’s funny, we often joke to clients that we’re like their newest old friends, and it couldn’t have been any more true than with Magda and Matt. And the biggest of thanks goes to Erin and Shannon for starting it all.

Photography by Jeff Cooke w/ Jenn Nauss