A Best Friend’s Wedding

Photography by Jeff Cooke

I first met Kristyn in 2010 after she graduated from photography school with Jenn, along with Steph and Caitlyn, all of whom are enthusiastic, passionate artists who have grown into very accomplished photographers here in Halifax. They’re also best friends … “The Four Amigos”, as they’ve become known as. So naturally, the happiest of tears fell hard on what turned out to be one of the most perfect, “best friend’s wedding” days that I’ve ever had the chance to document.

The love between Kristyn + Eric was so palpable. One of my favourite moments came when Eric, a man of few (but wise) words, was so overcome with happiness that he broke down during the ceremony, momentarily unable to say his vows.

It was an emotional day and considering the history I have with this foursome of photographers, I’m so thankful to have been there to be a part of it all, ending the day with a heartfelt dance outside surrounded by friendships thicker than the fog. One down, three to go …

Photography by Jeff Cooke

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